Course of Study


Students complete one year of freshman courses in the fields of general education, basic professional training courses, English and physical education with a total of 32-38 credits


General Education of Chinese


Intensive Chinese, Academic Chinese and general education on Taiwan Politics and Democracy, History of Culture and Thoughts, Career Exploration for College Students, Natural Science and Intro to Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Weekly Class time: 22 hours / Total: 22 credits


English Education


English ( I & II ), according to level of proficiency with all CYCU freshmen

Weekly class time: 4 hours / Total: 4 credits


Basic Professional Training (Selective)


★Introduction to Computer ( I & II )

★Economics ( I & II )

★Calculus ( I & II )

★Basic Design ( I & II )

Weekly class time: 3 hours each / Total: 6 to 12 credits


Physical Education


Physical Education ( I & II )

Weekly class time: 2 hours / Total: 0 credit

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