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Introduction of TCSL

Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Chung Yuan Christian University

The Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) at Chung Yuan Christian University is the first program in Taiwan offering Bachelor (established in 2002) and Master (established in 2007) degrees to students who have completed professional trainings in teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL).

The mission of TCSL is to train excellent Chinese teachers throughout the world and prospect students to teach Chinese with international mobility, profession and foreign language abilities, and to enhance Chinese culture.

The goal of TCSL is “To train Chinese teachers at all levels and applied Chinese professionals” following the principles of Holistic Education, while combining Chinese language and literature, foreign languages, education, information technology and communication. Students of TCSL are able to work internationally, cross-culturally and multilingually to promote Chinese language and culture throughout the world, and to establish Chinese studies networks.


The Department of Chinese as a Second Language aims at nurturing elites of Mandarin teaching. We are devoted to enhancing students’ competitiveness, fostering international perspectives, and providing a conducive learning environment.

Our objectives can be summarized as follows:

  1. Develop students’ understanding of developing their analytical skills in Mandarin and appreciating characteristics of Chinese culture.
  2. Nurture professional Mandarin teachers, being able to work in multicultural environments, fulfill social responsibilities and promote Mandarin education across different countries.(SDG 4: Quality Education)
  3. Equip students with a comprehensive understanding of applied linguistics, language acquisition approaches and intercultural competence.(SDG 5: Gender Equality、SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions)
  4. Develop students’ ability to integrate technology into teaching. To make teaching unrestricted by time and space.
  5. Expand overseas employment opportunities for students, and enhance the international reputation of our university and the department.


  1. Chinese Teaching
  2. Applied Linguistics & Languages
  3. Digital Teaching

Domestic & Overseas Internship

To teach Chinese at Chinese language center, international school, middle school, university or publisher not only in Taiwan but also in Japan, Korea, United States, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Sweden, etc.

Senior Projects

Senior project is the last mile to graduation and  are instructed by the faculty of Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

International Conference

TCSL International conference is held annually with topics such as TCSL, teaching and acquisition, digital materials and overseas education. This conference which includes keynote speech, paper presentation, workshop and academic salon offers students of TCSL internship opportunities to broaden their perspective and experiences by working as staff members. Papers presented in this conference are reviewed and published in Chung Yuan Journal of TCSL.

Mandarin Learning Center (MLC)

Mandarin Learning Center (MLC) at CYCU was established in 2008 to offer Chinese teaching and teacher education classes for learners worldwide and provide an excellent place for Chinese learners worldwide and internship or job opportunities for students of TCSL. MLC also cooperate with Ministry of Education, Overseas Community Affairs Council and World Chinese Language Association to develop Chinese cooperation projects.


Student council of TCSL hosts plenty of extra-curriculum activities to bound relationship and offer students multiple platforms to show their specialties. These extra-curriculum experiences can help students maintain comprehensive talents and connect with the future after graduation.

Department of Teaching Chinese as A Second Language,

Chung Yuan Christian University

TEL: +886-3-265-6902

ADD:No. 200, Zhongbei Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 32023, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Email: asclc@cycu.edu.tw

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