Compensation Measures for 108-2 Semester Environmental Service-Learning Courses

  1. Students who are unable to come to Taiwan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, having been enrolled in the special schooling program, are required to watch the assigned film and submit a report (2000 Chinese or English characters minimum) to the appointed email address.
  2. Film title: Earth: One Amazing Day
  3. Please submit your file to by 17:00, June 24th
    (File name: 108 in Arabic numerals and the rest in lower-case English.)
    (Email subject line example: Mechanical Engineering_10623252_(name)_report)
  4. Please contact by the address above or the alternate address: for further inquiries.
  5. Should restrictions be lifted and students be allowed to attend class in Taiwan, the above holds valid and assessment of the course will be conducted accordingly.
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