Dormitory Guidelines for Foreign Students of 2020/2021 and Late Returners for Prevention of COVID-19

In response to the escalating coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, foreign students, including international students, overseas Chinese students, and Mainland Chinese students, are restricted to enter Taiwan; dormitories implement entrance control for epidemic prevention. After discussion with Student Dormitory Committee, considering prevention effectiveness and manpower utilization, the following regulations shall be applicable:

  1. Foreign students who are banned to depart for Taiwan have priority while applying for a dormitory for 2020/2021. The room will be reserved until the end of August. If they haven’t made payment then, the room will be assigned to others.
  2. Foreign students who have entered Taiwan and have penalty points  remain on their record should deduct all the points to keep the priority of living in the dorm.
  3. Foreign students who have accumulated 10 penalty points will lose the priority of living in the dorm. They should submit another dormitory application form with a written report then.
  4. Foreign students who are banned to depart for Taiwan but leave personal belongings in the dorm could not keep the room, if they didn’t make an online dormitory application for the 2nd semester in 2019/2020.
  5. Dormitory curfew is from 23:00 to 6:00 the next morning. If resident students will return late on weekdays for research, tutoring, work, school assignments, club activities, or contests, they should apply for a late return with a valid approved document individually or as a group. It could be applied only once a day. Important: Students should return to the dorm between 00:30 and 01:00 to take body temperature measurements. Anyone with an abnormal body temperature shall be prohibited from entering the dormitory and follow the instructions to seek medical treatment.


Student Housing Service Division

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27 March 2020

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