COVID-19: CYCU’s Guidelines on COVID-19 Prevention for the Coming Holidays

Following the instructions given by Ministry of Education in Public Letter for Higher Education: Practical Guidelines of Disease Control and Prevention in Universities and Colleges for the Coming Holidays.

CYCU’s Guidelines on COVID-19 Prevention for the Coming Holidays or Long Weekends

To prevent further spread of COVID-19 during the four-day Tomb Sweeping Holiday, please comply with and inform others about the following instructions from the Ministry of Education and the University:

  1. During the holiday, CYCU students/faculty/staff should not travel abroad except with prior approval. Before attending any gatherings, assess the potential risk of the event. It is even better to avoid crowded places. In addition, please turn on Location Services on your mobile device, or keep a log of places visited manually for the possible epidemic survey in the future.
  2. During the epidemic period, anyone with a fever (forehead temperature ≧ 37.5℃ or ear temperature ≧ 38℃) or respiratory symptoms should be transported to a hospital immediately, and proactively report their condition to school via phone (TEL: 03-2656666) or the form ( for further assistance. Please do not come to school.
  3. For health’s sake, CYCU students/faculty/staff should avoid meeting family members, relatives, and friends who have recently returned from abroad, particularly the ones under home quarantine, home isolation, or self-health management.
  4. Individuals under home quarantine, home isolation, or self-health management should comply with government regulations not to leave or invite friends to come over in case of the spreading of virus.
  5. During the holiday, CYCU will clean and disinfect all areas of the campus; thus, visitors are not allowed in buildings on campus to prevent any source of infection.


CYCU Epidemic Prevention Response Team

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