【Important】For the Announcement of CYCU Course Teaching from April 25th.

According to the resolution of the Fifth Epidemic Prevention Meeting in the 2021-2022 academic year, the teaching method in CYCU courses and the management and measures of the prevention from April 25th are as follows, please cooperate with all teachers and students:

  1. In response to the government’s goal for the reduction of the severe special infectious pneumonia epidemic, those CYCU courses with more than 80 students (inclusive) will maintain the online teaching method. For considering the raging of the pandemic, instructors who teach courses for less than 80 students should be advised to adopt the flexible teaching methods, not limited to in-person classes teaching method and evaluation. To ensure the learning rights of each students can be kept intact without being interrupted by the epidemic is necessary.
  2. Instructors and students should wear masks (Except for drinking water in class), disinfect hand and prohibit eating and drinking throughout the course.
  3. Instructors must not only adopt fixed seats but also record the students’ situation in each class by using online to implement the real-name registration system. On the contrary, if the instructors do not adopt a fixed seat, they must upload the students’ class situation to the roll call system by taking pictures for the needs of the follow-up epidemic investigation.
  4. Exactlyclean hands with sanitizer, there will be placed Hypochlorous Acid Water for teachers and students to use in the classroom.
  5. Keep the classroom well-ventilated and to improve air flow, please open the front door and the front and rear diagonal windows during the class.
  6. Keep the school environment sanitized regularly and enhanced the disinfection as the case may be.
  7. Instructors should prepare online courses or upload course materials to online platforms during the student’s epidemic prevention leave. When the student takes an epidemic prevention leave, it should not be included in the absentee deduction, and the academic performance evaluation will not be deducted.
  8. Students can use the original classroom as a flexible space for learning and reviewing the exam to keep intact the learning situation between courses. To avoid interfering with classmates, please use headphones and keep the volume down during the online teaching course.

Curriculum and Registration Division, Office of Academic Affairs

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