Informed Consent for Counseling

Welcome to CYCU Counseling Center. We are glad you are here and look forward to assisting you. Counseling services are free of charge for CYCU students, faculty and staff. Please review the following information carefully and feel free to ask for clarification about anything in this material you might not understand.


  1. Counseling Process & Preparation

The counseling process is a partnership between you and the counselor assigned to you to work on areas of dissatisfaction in your life or assist you with life goals. For counseling to be most effective, it is important that you take an active role in the process. This involves keeping scheduled appointments and discussing the counseling process with your counselor. You have the right to seek opinions of other counselors, but you can only be in one course of counseling with a counselor at a time. You also have the right of ending counseling session anytime, but please discuss about termination with your counselor as well.

  1. Reservation Policy

Making a counseling appointment is required unless it is an emergency or a crisis. There will be 6 sessions in one treatment, including cancelled and missed sessions. Each session is 50 minutes in length and scheduled once a week. The frequency and number may be adjusted under particular circumstances according to the authority approval. Whether the week of midterm/final exam or Sports Day, the counseling session proceeds as usual.

  1. Cancellations

3.1 We appreciate prompt arrival for the appointment. If you will be late or absent, please notify us by calling (03)2652131 or come to Counseling Center to inform the changing at least 1 day before your scheduled session.

3.2 When you cancel your appointment or no show twice in a row, or you have two no-shows, you may discharge from present services. If you need further assistance, you may re-apply for our services at any time.

  1. Confidentiality

Discussion between the counselor and you are confidential. No information will be released   without your consent unless mandated by law or emergency situations. Possible exceptions to confidentiality include but are not limited to the following situations:

  • Significant risk of imminent and substantial harm to the lives, freedom, property of yourself or others.
  • Legal requirements (e.g. child abuse, court orders required by the Child and Juvenile Welfare Law, Genetic Health Law, Civil Law, etc.)
  • If your situations demand the help of medical treatment organizations or collaborations of mental health professionals. A court order, issued by a judge, may require the counseling staff to release information contained in records and/or require a counselor to testify in a court hearing.
  • The counseling staff works as a team. Your counselor may consult with other counseling staff to provide the best possible care. The consultations are for professional and training purposes.
  1. Audio Recording

To ensure the best quality of counseling from the counselor’s side, your counselor may request to record the conversation during the session for the afterward professional consultation. The recording file will be conducted by the code of confidentiality. If you have any doubt or concern, please feel free to discuss with your counselor. You have the right to reject this request.

  1. Referrals

For providing the best treatment for you, your counselor may refer you to other counselor or a psychiatrist with your permission. All your counseling information will be transferred as well.

  1. Transfer

If you are going to leave CYCU and join another school (e.g. transfer/graduation), your counselor will discuss the necessity of counseling information transfer with you. If required, our staff will refer your information to the authority concerned of your new school.

  1. Documents

All your counseling documents will be destroyed 15 years after your first session in Counseling Center.

  1. Special Purpose

If you take counseling service because of course requirement, please inform us in advance. Thank you!

  1. Other

     We reserve the right of revising/stopping/terminating the counseling service we provide. Please refer to our latest announcement on CYCU Counseling Center website. ( For the unaccomplished matters of this consent, it shall be according to the relevant laws, regulations and rules to execute.

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