Faculty (Including Adjunct Faculty), Staff and Student of CYCU, Please Act in Accordance with the Consensus Which Has been Made in the Disease Prevention Meeting Took Place on 3 May, 2021.

In response to the development of pandemic, faculty (including adjunct faculty), staff and student of CYCU shall comply the following disease prevention policies:

1. Based on the Disease Prevention Meeting which was held on 3 May, 2021 on campus.

2. Starting from 4 May, 2021, the policy of “Identity and Access Management” will be implemented.

◇ From 4 May, 2021 to 16 May, 2021, access control to each building will be implemented on campus. For individual who is not here on business is prohibited to access to any buildings. Faculty (including adjunct faculty), staff and student are required to swipe the staff ID card or student ID card in order to access to the building.

◇ Office of Student Affairs: Keeping a record of event participants, and additionally getting prepared for the list of dormitory residents and event participants, etc.

◇ Office of Academic Affairs: Taking attendance, getting prepared for the student’s course list, list of students in the class and keeping a record of event participants, etc.

◇ Academic units and other administrations: Keeping a record of meeting/event attendees.

◇ Offices: Keeping a record of the visitor paying a visit to the office for the business purpose.

◇ Access Control: The side entrance of Teaching Building and Holistic Village is closed.

3. It’s compulsory to wear face mask to access to each building on campus. For those who cannot comply with this regulation is prohibited to enter the building.

4. Since most of the confirmed cases recently announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) neither develop COVID-19 symptom nor fever, the implementation of “Body Temperature Measurement” will not be put into effect temporarily. For the faculty and student of CYCU, please comply the following disease prevention measures: washing hands, taking sick leave while feeling under the weather and reporting to school if the COVID-19 symptom occurs.

5. Office of General Affairs and Center for Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health: Campus sanitization will be conducted by the aforementioned administrations.

6. CYCU will keep updating the disease prevention measures in accordance with the condition of pandemic and the instructions given by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), Taoyuan City Government or Ministry of Education.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Disease Prevention Team, CYCU.

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