Announcement of the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program

Hello, teachers, colleagues and students!

In response to the “Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program” issued by the Central Epidemic Command Center, our school fully cooperates to strengthen the campus epidemic prevention work to reduce the risk of infection. The epidemic prevention measures are as following:

  1. Keep a safe social distance: All staffs and students entering the campus buildings and indoor spaces (including elevators), if you cannot maintain social distancing (≧1.5m), please wear a mask at all time. For large-scale indoor gathering of over 200 people, temperature measurement is required. Real-name registration is required for participants taking part in all types of events, activities and conferences.
  2. Faculty, Staff and student going abroad: If there are cases of faculty, staff and students that require going abroad, alternative measures should be taken instead. Going abroad is allowed after the pandemic subsides. Those having a must to go abroad during the epidemic prevention and control period, please state the necessity and urgency of going abroad, and sign the Principal for evaluation and approval. In addition, the description of the process of “Applying Leave for Abroad during the Epidemic” are as below:
    1. The faculty and staff must be prepared the “Affidavit Letter for Self-paid Expenses of Medical Treatment Abroad“. Before going abroad, it needs to be signed by the head of office and approved by the principal. Students must be prepare the “Parent Consent Letter” and “Affidavit Letter for Self-paid Expenses of Medical Treatment Abroad“, submit application to the department (or program), and need to be signed by the department office and approved by the principal.
    2. Students requesting leave for abroad: Apply online, print out the leave procedure sheet, and attach the “Principal’s Approval Submission” , “Parent Consent Letter” and” Affidavit Letter for Self-paid Expenses of Medical Treatment Abroad”. Then please follow the procedure to complete the leave application.
    3. For Draftees who will study abroad, please apply for an exit permit from your local service center to the National Immigration Agency. Please print out your approval notice and bring it with your passport when you go abroad.
  3. According to the official document No. 1090169212 of the Ministry of Education:
    1. Border quarantine measures: In order to strengthen epidemic prevention, from 1 December 2020 to 28 February 2021, all passengers, regardless of nationality or purpose of arrival, who enter or transit through Taiwan’s airports must submit proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test three days before their scheduled flight to Taiwan. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications will supervise airlines to ensure the veracity of the test reports.
    2. Community epidemic prevention: Starting on 1 December 2020, masks will be mandatory in eight categories of places, including medical care facilities, public transportation, personal consumption locations, educational institutions, exhibitions and sporting events, entertainment and leisure venues, houses of worship, and public service and customer service centers.
    3. Overseas students who have not yet come (or return) to Taiwan, the staff/students of CYCU re-entry Taiwan shall present a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three days prior to boarding the flight to Taiwan.
    4. Starting from 1 October 2020, the Epidemic Prevention–Quarantine Hotels accommodation subsidy are only provided for Taiwan residents and residents who hold a permanent residence permit. If overseas student intends to leave Taiwan, he/she  can only stay in epidemic prevention hotels for self- isolation after re-entering Taiwan. Application for school dormitory or centralized quarantine as a self-isolation place are not allowed.

The relevant epidemic prevention regulations and measures of the CECC “Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program” and CYCU Disease Prevent and Response Team will update the announcement on the epidemic prevention area of CYCU’s website. CYCU Disease Prevent and Response Team invites all departments to use various gathering opportunities and online communities to promote epidemic prevention, in order to avoid breaches in epidemic prevention.

CYCU Disease Prevent and Response Team cares about you!

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