The 1st EVA Air ESG Environmental Innovation Design Competition

Since March 2012, EVA Air and Chung Yuan Christian University have jointly organized the “First EVA Air ESG Environmental Protection Innovation Design Competition, which started from the campus and promoted to the society, realizing the circular design concept competition of “limited resources and unlimited creativity”. A total of 110 space design groups A total of 141 teams participated in 31 groups in the Group and commercial design/production Design Group. Through the ideas of students’ creative design, under the goal of reducing waste, the aircraft-related equipment, materials, performance and service supplies for the low-carbon transformation of the aviation industry Under innovative changes and “transformation and upgrading”, a large amount of obsolete and unsuitable equipment waste has been transformed into campus highlights and diversified creations of green products.
The full-time review will be held on April 8, 2012, jointly selected by the professional teachers of Chung Yuan University and representatives of EVA Air. The evaluation indicators will be based on the integration of site selection and environment, theme creativity, practical functionality and aesthetics of life. The space group will be based on the design 16 award-winning groups were selected for concept description, space design plan, elevation, section, and perspective. The commercial design/production design group expressed through multimedia, advertising copy design, etc., or product design, with various images and text Explain and express the design concept and creativity, and select 6 winning groups. An awards ceremony will be held separately, and further cooperation projects to materialize the works will be discussed with EVA Air.

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